12228 Natural Bridge Rd., Bridgeton, MO 63044


12228 Natural Bridge Rd., Bridgeton, MO 63044


Two generations of quality full service commercial printing in Bridgeton, MO

Primary services:  Envelopes, Carbonless Forms (2-6 parts), Memo Pads, Brochures/Newsletters and Identity Packages.

      Larry Scronce Sr. and his wife, Sharon, started L & L Printing Inc., in St. Louis, Missouri as a graphic design house in August, 1969, out of necessity. Both of the companies they previously worked for closed their doors leaving them with two young children, a new house, and a new car to pay for.

      With $1,000 they borrowed from their personal life insurance policy they began to promote their graphic design services business throughout the St. Louis area without even a business card. The benchmark they placed on themselves was that if in two years they were more than $2,000 in debt, they would quit and try to find outside jobs. In December of 1971 they were $1,995 in the red but received encouragement from their attorney to give it another six months.  That was wise advice!

      The couple added commercial printing to their services because they weren’t large enough to get noticed at the larger print shops and couldn’t get their projects produced in a timely manner. They began by serving the religious sector and, due to their notable integrity, grew by word of mouth into serving a variety of industries.

 In 2008, L & L Printing Inc., purchased their current commercial printing facility in Bridgeton, MO, and received a facelift in 2013 after a tornado swept through the area destroying homes and businesses in its path. L & L Printing Inc. came back better and stronger than ever continuing their commitment to providing clients with top-quality printing throughout the St. Louis area.
Today, Larry Jr. and Sharon still run the full-service commercial printing facility servicing their clients with the same integrity the company was founded on. Clients come first, and nothing leaves the shop until it meets their established high standards.
L & L Printing Inc. provides digital and offset printing services  throughout the St. Louis area in order to serve a wide range of clients and their quantity needs.


Printing in Bridgeton 63044

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